Jim Connolly Awarding a Prize


b3f52a - Jim Connolly awarding a prize check at WJLD - May, 1959.jpg


Jim Connolly Awarding a Prize


Box 3 Folder 52: "Oh. 52 is a picture with a blow up of Jim Connolly awarding a check, or some kind of certificate to a winner at WJLD. I believe this picture came from May of 1959, cause there’s a month on the photo (finally). And apparently, he had to guess the number of coins, or beans, or peanuts or whatever in this jug. Can only guess. Or find in the water somewhere… find water… win something in the water, so there was something in the water jug that eventually this youngster figured out. So Jim was awarding a prize back in 1959. The station would still be up on a mountain in 1959. I believe this was donated by Connolly’s son."



“Jim Connolly Awarding a Prize,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 26, 2021, http://thebbrm.org/item/283.

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