Funeral at First Baptist Church, Fairfield


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Funeral at First Baptist Church, Fairfield


Box 3 Folder 49: "And we are now at folder 49. This is a funeral which WENN may be broadcasting. And I think I asked Don (Solomon). He determined it’s First Baptist Church Fairfield, Reverend E.W. Williams presiding, eulogizing his wife, Mabel Williams. And it looks like it was broadcast on WENN radio. But it's also possible that the WENN flag is on the mike because they broadcast Sunday services. Ok. Now we think we know what’s going on there. There’s a poster on the wall that says “The church annual rally. Sunday, February 22nd. Men have to pay 10 bucks, women 5 and children, a dollar.” Well. Moving right along here. Can’t remember who brought this in. It could have been found with Morrow's pictures."




“Funeral at First Baptist Church, Fairfield,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 26, 2021,

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