Pictures of Performers


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Pictures of Performers


Box 3 Folder 48: "We’re up to folder 48 which are basically just pictures of groups and performers. The Coasters. The Midnighters. James Brown. And Diana Washington. These can probably be purchased almost anywhere. Credit for the photography goes to Michael Ochs Archive c/o Pomegranate Publications, PO Box 980, Corte Madera, Ca 94925. The circa pictures are the dates when the various artists had the hits mentioned on the cards. The James Brown doesn’t have it but that would probably be 1960. Diana Washington, ‘59. Midnighters, ‘54. “Annie had a Baby,” “Work With Me Annie.” Those were big. The Coasters, '58. There’s also one floating around the Platters which should probably be in that folder too. Found by Bob Friedman somewhere."



“Pictures of Performers,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed January 24, 2021,

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