The Gray Stone Club, Fairfield


b3f47a - Crowd at Greystone Club, Fairfield - The Flame - 1958.jpg
b3f47b - second picture from Greystone Club Fairfield - 1958.jpg


The Gray Stone Club, Fairfield


Box 3 Folder 47: "Moving right along we are at folder 47. These are pictures of the Gray Stone Club in Fairfield, otherwise known as the Flame, and a packed house to say the least. And it was a sock hop. I believe we got these from Ed McClure. The Gray Stone Club in Fairfield. It looks like there’s a big crowd around the dancers. And a police officer who seems to be totally lost in this sea of humanity."



“The Gray Stone Club, Fairfield,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 25, 2021,

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