Promo Cards, WENN


b3f45a - early WENN 1320 promo cards - 1958.jpg
b3f45b - Flip of Marvin - Xmas card to Sonrose Rutledge - 1958.jpg
b3f45c - Is OKJ Poppa WENN Marty and OKJ Wade Graves - 1958.jpg


Promo Cards, WENN


Box 3 Folder 45: "Now here we are for folder 45. And these are promotion pictures from WENN radio. And what’s interesting about these, they’re all at the WENN mike. There’s Johnny McClure. So Johnny, as we know, is at BCO and BCO is making the transition from 1450 to 1320. There was this frequency swap. These are early on. They could be early, like late ‘50s, 1958, as we were predicting, when the transition took place, before they became the big 1320 station. But they had all these personalities, some of whom clearly moved from… like they have TV Whitfield and Marty Marvin. I never heard of but Bruce Payne shared in his BBRM oral history that Marvin was an early Black DJ in Mississippi. Of course, Bruce Payne and Johnny McClure were both at WBCO and moved right smoothly into the new WENN Radio. Ok, the Marty Marvin picture is… No, but there is a date on it, and that’s the exciting part. It is from 1958 to be precise. December 22, 1958. Anybody questioning how old WENN is we know we go back at least that far.
LWR: They wrote on all this stuff. Dr. Blue was TD Whitfield. Dr. Blue.
BF: Dr. Blue. Somebody identified TV Whitfield as Dr. Blue. I don’t know who did. What's touching is that Marty Marvin's card was a Christmas greeting to Mr. and Mrs. Sonrose Rutledge.
LWR: Dr. Blue has a nice mustache.
BF: He does. And we conclude with a question and a picture. Is Marty Marvin from WENN Birmingham Poppa Rock from KOKJ Jackson? And is Poppa Rock Joe "Poppa Rock" Louis from KOKJ or Wade "Poppa Rock" Graves from KOKJ or did they just hand the name down? Sources: "Give My Poor Heart Ease" - Univ of North Carolina Press; "Blues Deejays" - The Mississippi Blues Trail"



“Promo Cards, WENN,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 26, 2021,

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