W. J. Allen at WEDR


b3f34a - W J Allen, gospel announcer at WEDR console - 1956.jpg


W. J. Allen at WEDR


Box 3 Folder 34: "This is folder 34, a picture of WJ Allen at the WEDR mike. He’s reading a WEDR release which is in front of him in a loose leaf book. And here’s where you see that little RCA 45 player. That player was produced in 1950. They were using the big turn table, the transcription player for everything else, maybe including 45s. But they finally decided to wire up a 45 player. What do we know about him? He was sponsored by Famous Shoe store. This was a Morrow photo. Received from Mr. Morrow when I visited him in Fairfield in the 1990's. This may be an earlier photo than 1956. I think it’s ‘56... Pre-56 it says. “WJ Allen choral ensemble. Inez Allen, lead singer. Pre-56. Gospel announcer.” His choral ensemble is listed in a gathering at the Gaston Motel in 1956."



“W. J. Allen at WEDR,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 13, 2020, http://thebbrm.org/item/265.

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