Gospel Five, 1955


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Gospel Five, 1955


Box 3 Folder 25: "1955 brings us to folder 25. This is a picture of the Gospel Five; we’ve already mentioned that we have a picture of them and who they are. And Hobde Moorer, who sang with me in the Pillars is second row right. He gave me the picture to copy of the Gospel Five. What I should do since I know Hob… Hobde… H-O-B-D-E, no one would ever guess that and Moorer…
LWR: How do you spell it?
BF: Hobde. People would say to him “Harvey.” “Hobde.” Donated by Hobde Moorer. The Gospel Five of Birmingham from top center clockwise: Curtis Jones, Joe Charley, Hobde Moorer, ...Middle center Otis Tolbert, ...lower center R B Brazell, Earl Sanders, and Pollard Jones."



“Gospel Five, 1955,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed December 8, 2019, http://thebbrm.org/item/256.

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