Ed "Johnny Jive" McClure at the WBCO Board, 1955


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Ed "Johnny Jive" McClure at the WBCO Board, 1955


Box 3 Folder 24: "Folder 24 has a picture of Ed McClure, Johnny Jive, at the BCO board with his record rack, his transcription player, his 78s. In the background he’s doing his pitch…. And he’s got his supermarket specialties. The clock on the wall roughly says five to three and these are specialties from Food Town. Food Town. Hams at 39 cents a pound. Steaks, 59 cents a pound. Sausage, 39 cents a pound. Beef, 29 cents a pound. And bacon, 25 cents a pound. Need I say more? There’s something else up there but it still looks like they’re selling stuff and I can’t quite make it out. Anyway, Ed McClure. He’s on the phone. He’s doing his thing. Donated by Ed McClure."



“Ed "Johnny Jive" McClure at the WBCO Board, 1955,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 2, 2020, http://thebbrm.org/item/255.

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