Bruce Payne at the Mic, WBCO


b3f23a - Bruce Payne at the mic at WBCO - 1955.jpg


Bruce Payne at the Mic, WBCO


Box 3 Folder 23: "Up to folder 23. There’s Bruce Payne, having a good time at WBCO. He’s holding a 45 of course but in those days it looks like they might have taped something on the label which is a nightmare for record collectors. Donated by mail from Bruce Payne around the time of his interview with the BBRM. He was living in Jackson, MS at the time. He was in the army for 1954-55 or part thereof so this may have been taken in 1953 , 54 or 55 upon his return. My guess because of the 45 rpm records, 1955."



“Bruce Payne at the Mic, WBCO,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 18, 2020,

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