WBCO Advertising Flyer, "If You Want My Business"


b3f19a - A promotional piece for WBCO by Ed McClure - 1954.jpg


WBCO Advertising Flyer, "If You Want My Business"


Box 3 Folder 19: "Here we have folder 19, a copy, two copies of a flyer. It was a blue flyer so I copied it on blue cardstock. It was a pitch for Ed McClure trying to get advertisers to WBCO, where he was a DJ and ran platter parties. Looks like he also worked at a mill. He’s got his lunch box. I love that lunch box. I had one of those too…. He also put a thermos in there. It had a little clasp on top. Thermoses are great, they’re still great…. Donated from McClure’s collection"



“WBCO Advertising Flyer, "If You Want My Business",” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 25, 2021, http://thebbrm.org/item/250.

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