Johnny Jive's Beauty Contest, WBCO


b3f16a - a WBCO contestant having her sash attached - 1954.jpg
b3f16b - Miss WBCO with trophy - 1954.jpg
b3f16c - Miss WBCO contestants - 1954.jpg


Johnny Jive's Beauty Contest, WBCO


Box 3 Folder 16: "So this is folder 16, from 1955, a series of pictures from the Johnny Jives Beauty Contest from WBCO. There’s an original here from Morrow’s photo studio, still in Fairfield. Either donated from Ed McClure or found by Bob at Morrow’s studio. The others are copies made from Ed "Johnny Jive" McClure's collection. We are guessing at 1954 but do not know any of the contestants."



“Johnny Jive's Beauty Contest, WBCO,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 26, 2021,

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