Promo Card, Reverend W. E. Burke


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Promo Card, Reverend W. E. Burke


Box 2 Folder 39: "This is folder 39, which is a promo card from Reverend W.E. Burke who was a pastor at the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Birmingham and also the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Praco, Alabama. And it announces that he was heard every Sunday morning over WEDR and Sunday night on WBCO. We date this promo card in the very early ‘50s, probably before 1955. It has a picture of him with his residence address on 413 Omega St. It was donated by a relative of his, a niece I believe, who used to work at Ollie’s BBQ on University Blvd, which is where I picked it up in the 1990's."



“Promo Card, Reverend W. E. Burke,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed March 1, 2021,

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