WJLD Building, Bessemer Superhighway


b2f30a - scan of orig photo of WJLD BSH studio 1952.jpg


WJLD Building, Bessemer Superhighway


Box 2 Folder 30: "Moving right along to folder number 30. These are, speak of the devil, several pictures of the WJLD studio building on the Bessemer Super Highway. One of them has a little African American child out front; maybe she was one of the children of one of the on-air people. We have the original picture which was given to us I believe by Erin Connolly’s son (Jim and Erin Connolly)…that’s possible, and made the pictures from there, on the Bessemer Superhighway. A second picture of the studio building will be found in pictures from 1954. The site transformed in later years to a scrap yard, first Jones Auto Parts and now Austin Auto Parts. Prominent announcers of the time: Bob Umbach, Truman Puckett and Willie McKinstry."



“WJLD Building, Bessemer Superhighway,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 2, 2020, http://thebbrm.org/item/204.

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