WJLD Building, Bessemer Superhighway


b2f30a - scan of orig photo of WJLD BSH studio 1952.jpg


WJLD Building, Bessemer Superhighway


"Moving right along to folder number 30. These are, speak of the devil, several pictures of the WJLD studio building on the Bessemer Super Highway. One of them has a little African American child out front; maybe she was one of the children of one of the on-air people. We have the original picture which was given to us I believe by Erin Connolly’s son (Jim and Erin Connolly)…that’s possible, and made the pictures from there, on the Bessemer Superhighway. A second picture of the studio building will be found in pictures from 1954. The site transformed in later years to a scrap yard, first Jones Auto Parts and now Austin Auto Parts. Prominent announcers of the time: Bob Umbach, Truman Puckett and Willie McKinstry."



“WJLD Building, Bessemer Superhighway,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 19, 2019, http://thebbrm.org/item/204.

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