Songs of the Roberta Martin Singers


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Songs of the Roberta Martin Singers


Box 2 Folder 26: "Okay moving right along to number 26 is a lovely booklet: Songs of the Roberta Martin Singers, Volume 2, from 1952 that came out of Solomon’s Bookstore on 529 8th Avenue North in Birmingham. We don’t know how long ago…this is Don Solomon’s brother who owned that bookstore. The copyright on the book is 1952. There’s all kinds of scribbling and writing all over it, but these are the songs of the Roberta Martin Singers. And we do have some music of theirs. This was published by the Roberta Martin Studio in Chicago…29 different titles with notation..very nice."



“Songs of the Roberta Martin Singers,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 2, 2020,

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