Performance Measurements, Radio Station WJLD, Bessemer, Alabama


b2f24a - Signal Measurements WJLD Bessemer  1950-1951.jpg
b2f24b - Chief Engineer M.E, McKinney signs off  5-6-1950.jpg
b2f24c - Hand written measurement grid - 12-12-1951.jpg


Performance Measurements, Radio Station WJLD, Bessemer, Alabama


Box 2 Folder 24: "Moving along to number, folder number 24 is another technical report, 30 pages, which measures performance for WJLD in Bessemer. So that right away dates it to some extent. It’s quite interesting to see the precision by which these…they look like field strength measurements. There is a mention of interference from WBCO, which was at 1450 at the time. The were two sets of measurements: one set that Chief Engineer, M.E. McKinney signed off on on May 6, 1950 and then an addendum with hand written readings through the month of December, 1951. This item was probably found in the files of WJLD. An outside source chance would be from the home of engineer Ben Franklin."



“Performance Measurements, Radio Station WJLD, Bessemer, Alabama,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 2, 2020,

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