Business Cards, James Connolley


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Business Cards, James Connolley


Box 2 Folder 23: "Moving along to number 23, we have a three business card from James Connolly who was early on a salesman and also by the time this card came out, which would have been in the late 40s or early 50s probably, we’re going to give it 1952 as a date both by the 6-digits of the phone number as well as WJLN FM which was 104.7. The current WZZK was of course started here right in this building at 1449 Spaulding-Ishkooda Road, as an FM-er, but in terms of the frequency, the frequency started way back when the antenna was put up on Red Mountain in 1948. So there are people who told me they listened to WJLD, hearing it in Anniston, and the only way that would have happened of course is thy were listening to WJLN and they had an FM receiver, and not everybody did back then to say the least. Anyway, his business card, Jim Connolly, James Connolly, I met his son in town in the late 1990's and received one; the other two came from Candy West, his daughter, sometime in 2015. He also provided photos of the Red Mountain antenna site before the antenna was installed."



“Business Cards, James Connolley,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 10, 2020,

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