Madison Night Spot


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Madison Night Spot


Box 2 Folder 15: "Coming along for folder 15 is a picture, roughly 1950. This is a picture of the Madison Night Spot, very hard to find. Luckily I got it from a woman (Sherry Neilsen) who was working at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and she gave me permission to make a copy of it sometime in early 2000's. Of course this is on the Bessemer Superhighway, and we’ve already mentioned the numerous acts and performers that would perform there. Doesn’t look very impressive to look at the front. It doesn’t have a grand front to it, but the entertainment was fabulous and it does look quite sizable when you see the depth of the building. And in exchange for this picture, but it really wasn’t an exchange but I wanted to give something, I gave a brand new 78 of Tuxedo Junction by Erskine Hawkins on Bluebird to the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame."



“Madison Night Spot,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed March 1, 2021,

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