Clippings, Ben Alexander, WEDR


b2f6a - Ben Alexander on the air at WEDR 1220 - 1950.jpg
b2f6b - Wiley, Ben and Hal Singer with the Orioles on WEDR  - 1950.jpg


Clippings, Ben Alexander, WEDR


Box 2 Folder 6: "Here’s another picture that was sent from Ben Alexander, which actually has a picture of Ben Alexander. It’s number 6, folder 6. We are now looking at 2 copies sent to us from Ben Alexander. We’re not sure exactly where this came from. Now it is notated on here, that it was either from the Weekly Review or the Birmingham World approximating 1950. A picture of Ben at the WEDR mic with a flag on there. The second is a picture. Now these were sent to us by Ben, of the EDR studio upstairs and Sunny Til and the Orioles behind Ben and Wiley is sitting at the desk, Ben is sitting at the desk, and Hal Singer is sitting at the desk and then the Orioles. Again, we have clear evidence as to who was on the air around 1950 at WEDR and who wasn’t."



“Clippings, Ben Alexander, WEDR,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 17, 2020,

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