Clipping, Wiley Daniels auditions A. L. Johnson


b2f5a - WEDRs Wiley Daniels auditioning A.L. Johnson - 1950 001.jpg
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Clipping, Wiley Daniels auditions A. L. Johnson


Box 2 Folder 5: "Okay we’re up to file folder 5, which is a clipping which was sent to us from Ben Alexander who was one of the original members of WEDR’s staff. This would have been around 1950 with a picture of Wiley Daniels, and he’s auditioning A.L. Johnson for an announcer job. It also mentions that Daniels helps his dad an ad executive. I do not know the publication this clipping came from, but Ben Alexander was very helpful in sending us clippings he saved from his time at WEDR and the pictures of the complete staff at one point in time.

Also in Folder 5 is the obituary of Wiley Daniels, published in the Baltimore Afro-American from December 10, 1977."



“Clipping, Wiley Daniels auditions A. L. Johnson,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 17, 2020,

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