Forniss Building


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Forniss Building


Box 1 Folder 53: "Okay this is folder number 53, pictures of the Forniss Building on 4th Avenue. It is not there now. Edwards Chevrolet uses that property for body work so that’s gone. But this picture was taken in January of ’49. The reason its in the folder is because in September of ’49 WEDR moved into this building. Now we blew up the picture, we got the picture from the Birmingham Public Library archives, and when you look closely, there are music lessons being given in this building. And there is a woman on the second floor, I’m not sure if she’s just looking out or washing the windows. They had a notary public, and a lot else we cannot make out. Georgia’s Music Studios on the first floor as well. We were glad to get this picture, because it’s very close to circa WEDR beginning."



“Forniss Building,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 10, 2021,

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