Clippings, Entertainment


b1f46a - Golden Gates at Birmingham Theater 4-23-1948.jpg
b1f46b - Grand Terrace ad, Bham World  4-23-1948.jpg
b1f46c - Johny Moore coming to Birmingham  Bham World 6-29-1948 clip.jpg
b1f46d - Bham World June 1948 - Johnny Moore ad.jpg
b1f46e - Bham World 4-21-1948 - Bull Moose Jackson ad.jpg
b1f46f - Bham World ad 12-21-1948 - Erskine Hawkins.jpg
b1f46g - Bham World announces Carver opening - 12-21-1948 ad.jpg
b1f46h - Bham World for Forniss Printing - 12-21-1948.jpg
b1f46i - Memphis World prints Carver opening ad 12-26-1948.jpg


Clippings, Entertainment


Box 1 Folder 46: "OK moving to box 1 number 46 are a number of clippings from the Birmingham World newspaper from 1948. They describe many activities going on in the city of Birmingham. Some commentary can be seen on national issues as well. Various advertisements for entertainment and so forth. The Carver Theater is mentioned extensively in it as well as various companies that supported the Carver Theater. The grand opening of the Carver Theater was apparently December 25, Christmas Day, 1948. The ad for space at Forniss Printing came out nine months before WEDR 1220 AM occupied that space.The congratulations from local businesses were reprinted in the Memphis World. All other clips come from the Birmingham World. This is from the Memphis World in Memphis, Tennessee. Lots of local businesses supporting the opening of the Carver Theater."



“Clippings, Entertainment,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 10, 2021,

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