WJLD Sales Reports


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WJLD Sales Reports


Box 1 Folder 36: "We now move to box 1 folder 36 from 1947. These are samples of sales reports from Jim Connolly. He was the WJLD sales manager and I think also the operations manager of the station. He had lots and lots and lots of clients. We have 3 sales reports, one from May 3, 1947, which is obscured a bit but you can make it out, one from June 14, and one from June 21, 1947. All on the beautiful JLD stationary. Also a copy of the WJLD stationary envelope with Connolly’s name on it, which may have contained a paycheck at sometime who knows. I stand corrected. Not all on, let me see...ok its time to really just get your act together Bob. The May 3 sales report is on the back of WJLD stationary, beautiful stationary from Bessemer, Alabama, with its phone number, and its just a really beautiful piece of work. We believe they were supplied by his son and/or wife in the 1990's."



“WJLD Sales Reports,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 29, 2020, http://thebbrm.org/item/147.

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