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Charles Brown, born in 1922, an extraordinary Rhythm and Blues and Jazz vocalist from the 1940’s thru the 1960’s. Recorded by Bob Friedman on June 14, 1997 at an appearance by Mr. Brown at a City Stages outdoor festival in Birmingham, Alabama. Charles Brown passed in 1999.


Charles Brown
Bob Friedman


Birmingham Black Radio Museum


June 14, 1997


Yadira Murguia
Emily Bibb





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Bob Friedman


Charles Brown


City Stages outdoor festival, Birmingham Alabama


Transcript from audio snippet:

Bob Friedman: there were two recordings on the Aladdin label that I had that you sang with groups. “My Silent Love” was one.
Charles Brown: yeah, right.
BF: And then there was another, there was another one with a group, I think it was called “The Syncopators” something along those lines. Do you remember who were those groups? Who those people were?
CB: You know what, they chose them from some church. I aint never know them. Cause we did it that night. “My Silent Love” and that’s the only one they put out, we did one more.
BF: yeah
CB: cause that was the only one that they put out.
BF: They just brought a backup group from the church. Where did, where, like would they have gotten them from L.A. where Aladdin was?
CB: Yeah, it was, it was in L.A. you see cause I didn’t have any control. Maxwell Davis was the A&R man so he decided with this “Let’s Walk” and “Everybody’s Got Trouble” and “My Silent Love.”
BF: Yeah, yeah
CB: Yeah
BF: Yeah, In the in the Living Blues article that you did in 1976, which I’m going to give you a copy of, uh this has great information, you did a wonderful interview, I figured well maybe you might have forgotten a few things and you might want to refresh your memory.
CB: Well the truth is already, already there
BF: Yeah the truth is there but you may want it back just to see again
CB: yeah
BF: Um you make mention that you came to Birmingham in nineteen forty-nine and there was a white disc jockey from a radio station that got you into the you say the Birmingham Theater and uh I have the article from when you were at the Birmingham, at the Boutwell here.


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Charles Brown and Bob Friedman, “Charles Brown, Oral History,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 20, 2018,

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