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Walter Anglin, Oral History


Walter Anglin, “the Midnight Mover Groover” accompanied by his wife Nora, discuss his early history in Birmingham Black radio.


Walter Anglin
Nora Anglin
Bob Friedman


Birmingham Black Radio Museum




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Bob Friedman


Walter Anglin
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Transcript from audio snippet:

Bob Friedman: Do you remember somebody at EDR named Daniels?

Walter Anglin: Daniels. Wiley Daniels.

BF: Wiley Daniels.

WA: Umhum.

BF: Wiley Daniels. What did Wiley Daniels do?

WA: He was an announcer.

BF: He was an announcer.

WA: Umhum.

BF: Let's see -

Nora Anglin: Paul E. X. Brown. Haven't heard you talk about him.

WA: Yeah.

BF: Who?

NA: Paul E. X. Brown.

BF: Paul E. S. Brown?

WA: E. X. Brown. That's the way he called himself. Paul E. X. Brown.

BF: Paul E. X. Brown.

WA: Umhum.

BF: He was an announcer?

WA: Yeah.

BF: Was Wiley Black or White?

WA: Black.

BF: Was everyone there Black in '49?

WA: Yeah. Then there was - did you - you said Ben Alexander. Did you get him?

BF: No.

NA: I didn't know him. I've heard you talking about him.

WA: Ben Alexander was there too.

BF: What did he do?

WA: He was an announcer.

BF: Ben Alexander.

WA: Umhum. Ben Alexander.

BF: That was the same name as the guy who played Joe Friday's partner in Dragnet was Ben Alexander.

NA: In Dragnet. Umhum.

WA: Umhum.

BF: Okay. We've got R. J. Pope. Was R. J. Pope there?

WA: She's a lady.

BF: Yeah.

WA: So, was she there then? What'd you ask?

BF: If she was at EDR?

WA: Yes. She was the only woman there broadcasting. And she had her own time.

NA: Had her own show called the Housewives Meetings I think or something.

BF: Housewives -

NA: I believe it was the - I'm not sure - don't quote me but I think - it was Housewives about something - but she would be talking about - I think it was the Housewives or something.

WA: For women - she had it for women.

NA: And Mary Francis Reed used to work there too.

WA: Yeah, well she's dead.

NA: Mary Francis dead? I didn't thought she was dead.

WA: Mary Francis Reed been dead.

BF: Is she Black too?

NA: She was Black. I didn't think Mary Francis was dead.

WA: Shelley wouldn't have been in there if Mary Francis hadn't been dead.


Walter Anglin, Nora Anglin, and Bob Friedman, “Walter Anglin, Oral History,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 23, 2019,

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