Reflections on Taft Epstein from his brother, Alex Epstein


W. A. Clark, Taft Epstein, and Deacon Richmond Davis
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Reflections on Taft Epstein from his brother, Alex Epstein


Taft Epstein


Alex Epstein (b. Jan 22, 2015, d. Apr 23, 2012), shares memories of his brother Taft Epstein (b. June 1, 1912, d. Nov 17, 1979), clothing store owner and sponsor for Black gospel radio programming and other events. Taft is seen here with early gospel radio ministers W.A. Clark (left) and Deacon Richmond Davis (right).


Bob Friedman
Alex Epstein


Birmingham Black Radio Museum


November 10, 1993


Emily Bibb
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Bob Friedman


Alex Epstein


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Bob: Do you remember any about the jewelry store’s relationship to programming on WJLD?

Alex: No, Taft did a lot of advertising. He was eh, he did a lot of charity work. He was always on, I don’t know what station he was on, but he did a lot of advertising.

Bob: Right, well, from our, from people who remember, one of the things he did was sponsor W.A. Clark from the St. Peter’s Primitive Church in Bessemer on WJLD around 1944-1945.

Alex: And every Easter, he had a big Easter Egg Hunt out there in Fair Park, that’s my remembrance.

Bob: Eh ha, is there. They wouldn’t be. I guess what I’m looking for as well is any memorabilia that would connect Epps Jewelers to anything that happened on WJLD?

Alex: No, I that I don’t know. It’s been about 12 years since Taft has passed away and I don’t know of anything that is left from Epps Jewelry and before that he had a clothing store in town before he opened up Epps Jewelry, in the old Hammond Hotel. Are you from Birmingham?

Bob: No, I’m from New York actually.

Alex: Oh, so, I don’t know of any place that you can get any…He was also a sponsor of the wrestling matches at the City Auditorium. He and a fella, Danaberg, sponsored those wrestling matches.

Bob: Hmmmm

Alex: He was very friendly with…like you say, I forget which church it was… out there in Bessemer, he contributed to them quite a bit.

Bob: Do you remember a name Deacon Richmond Davis?

Alex: That sounds about right. That’s him. I think he’s passed away.

Bob: uh huh

Alex: Deacon Richmond David, that’s exactly right. Deacon Davis sponsored every year at Fair Park an Easter Egg Hunt and things of that nature.

Bob: Ah eh, I see.

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Bob Friedman and Alex Epstein, “Reflections on Taft Epstein from his brother, Alex Epstein,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 19, 2019,

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