Don Solomon, Oral History

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Don Solomon, Oral History


Leroy Garrett


Don Solomon discusses WVOK and Leroy Garrett.


Bob Friedman
Don Solomon


Birmingham Black Radio Museum


January 22, 2010


Bob Friedman
Emily Bibb
Lindsey Reynolds







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Don Solomon: ....So we, we went down the street to WVOK...., was on the same…the Super Highway…and Leroy got us on the WVOK at 7 o’clock on Sunday morning and so we were doing our own thing . Eventually Leroy somehow in his continued efforts with WJLD was there when they began to hook up other radio… so WVOK also they had a radio program coming out of Smith and Gaston at one o’clock at 6th Ave Baptist Church. Leroy then became the engineer, first black engineer. He hooked up a studio downstairs over where he lived in the branch office of the Manhattan Dry Cleaners. On Sunday morning, our program came on, eventually the second group would come on,

Bob Friedman: Over the phone…

DS: No we went live to the studio. We went to WVOK and were followed by the Four Eagles, the next group to come on. They came on but they let them on. So they followed us. We were at WVOK. Eventually Leroy estasblished a studio downstairs where he could, he would be on with little groups with the WVOK. He became the engineer for WVOK Sunday morning sessions with all these quartets. They done latched on to VOK. All of them downstairs…he was called the Blue Goose.

BF: Who gave him that name?

DS: He gave himself that name. The Blue Goose. That’s what he called himself …the Blue Goose.

BF: And did he have the tape recording equipment down there?

DS: Tape recorder down there. Let me tell you about recorder. Leroy thought we oughtta been on recording, the Heavenly Four. so, he couldn’t’ get hooked up with the recording people who make recordings, he bought his own recorder.


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Bob Friedman and Don Solomon, “Don Solomon, Oral History,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed November 22, 2017,

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