Lewis Kendrick, Oral History


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Lewis Kendrick, Oral History


Lewis Kendrick (b. Dec 26, 1923, d. Feb 25, 2006) first came upon WJLD when the station went on the air in Bessemer in 1942. Lewis recounts his work experience there and about personnel at both early WJLD and WBCO, Bessemer.


Lewis Kendrick
Bob Friedman


Birmingham Black Radio Museum


July 28, 1995


Mark Usry
Emily Bibb





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Bob Friedman


Lewis Kendrick


Transcript of audio snippet:

Bob Friedman: So where did Bob Umbach come from? and Trumon Puckett. Where, how did they?

Lewis Kendrick: Well, Trumon was a Birmingham guy and he worked somewhere. Had a regular job. And I’ve forgotten what he did really. But he would come out there and...had that hour program and then he got into promotion. In promoting groups coming into Birmingham to the auditorium for these concerts.

BF: Mhm

LK: And

BF: See he worked. He worked with Black artists didn’t he?

LK: Uh

BF: With gospel? Gospel artists?

LK: Yeah. Totally.

BF: Mhm. Trumon Puckett.

LK: Right

BF: That's remarkable

LK: And, um, which a was most unusual thing.

BF: Mhm

LK: ..back then.

BF: Mhm

LK: I mean it was borderline. Because normally Black managers and Black promoters did whatever was being done, with the Black people and.

BF: Mhm

LK: And the White did the other.

BF: Mhm

LK: And this was a… well I would say the beginning of a breakthrough on a lot of the amalgamation of the two.

BF: Yeah. True.

LK: I...

BF: Umbach?

LK: Umbach came to us from Florida.

BF: Mhm

LK: As I remember

BF: I know he went to Florida to go on radio after he left JLD also.

LK: Yeah

BF: We have some pictures of him at a Florida station.

LK: Yeah. And I. I’m almost sure he came from Florida and went back to.

BF: Do you remember any story of like Jane Russell, the movie star, coming up to find him? Did you ever hear anything about that?

LK: Uhhh, there's something. What is your name again?

BF: Bob Friedman

LK: Bob

BF: Bob

LK: Okay Bob. Yes, there's something that’s in the back of my mind. And I'll be damned if I can resurrect it


Full interview: 37 minutes
Audio snippet: 2 minutes


Lewis Kendrick and Bob Friedman, “Lewis Kendrick, Oral History,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 23, 2019, http://thebbrm.org/document/106.

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