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William Faush, Oral History


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William Faush discusses his start at WBCO in Bessemer


Bob Friedman
William Faush


Birmingham Black Radio Museum


10 November 1997


Adam Beebe
Emily Bibb







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Bob Friedman


William Faush


Bob Friedman: Louisville. That’s what he said. Right. But maybe you could start by just letting us know how you got started in radio. How that actually happened.

William Faush: Well I got really started at WEDR. It was of a short [inaudible]. I just happened to have been there one day talking to a friend of mine whose name eludes me at the moment.

B: Who worked there?

W: Yes.

B: Well I can tell you because I’ve spoken to most of them.

W: Yes.

B: So would it be Ben Alexander? Or Frank Smart? Or Wiley Daniels? Those are some of the earliest. E.X. Brown?

W: It might have been Wiley Daniels.

B: Mmhm. Lived out in Titusville.

W: Yes. It might have been he. Anyway, there was a parade going down 4th Ave. And he’s looking out of the window, describing the parade. And that was enough of that I was standing there with him, he gave me the mic and told me to describe what I saw and I did that and I stayed there for about 5 months. 5 or 6 months. And Jess Lenier (2:12) who was then the mayor I believe of Bessemer converted a hillbilly station there in Bessemer overnight into black radio.

B: Do you know how long it had been hillbilly?

W: No I do not. I would think not too long. But Larry McKenzie out of Chicago and Eddie Castleberry out of New York and myself. We were the 3 who started up WED – I mean WBCO

B: So Eddie Castleberry worked at BCO?

W: That is correct.




Bob Friedman and William Faush, “William Faush, Oral History,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed January 17, 2018, http://thebbrm.org/document/10.

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