Chronicling the History of Black Radio in Birmingham since the mid 1930's. Check back often as we digitize more of the collection and make it available online.

Recently Added Items

Campaign Flyer, Hugh DuBose, Governor of Alabama

b1f62a - Hugh Dubose for Governor - 1949-1950.jpg

"This is box 1 number 62, and this is a campaign flyer from Hugh DuBose who was running for governor of Alabama in the 1950 election. We presume that…

Property History, Bessemer Broadcasting Company

b1f61a - Tax assessor document  - WBCO building layout -1949.jpg

"Box 1 number 61 is a building, a property history, from Brighton and Bessemer Road, the Bessemer Broadcasting Company, which would have been WBCO.…

Joe Forney, WAPI

b1f60a - John Forney, sportscaster for WAPI - 1949.jpg

"This is box 1 number 61, no 60. I thought I said that number already, you sure? Okay. This is a clipping that came out in the 1990’s, which pictured…