Chronicling the History of Black Radio in Birmingham since the mid 1930's. Check back often, as we digitize more of the collection and make it available online.

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Ed Boutwell, Oral History

Ed and Bob at Episcopal Place, Bham lobby - 3-19-2019.jpg

Ed Boutwell (b. June 21, 1937) founder of Boutwell Recording Studios in Birmingham, Alabama. Nephew of Albert Boutwell who was mayor of Birmingham…

Don Solomon and Norman B. Wooding Jr., Oral History

The Heavenly Four, 1945

Don Solomon and Norman B Wooding, Jr, two pioneer Jefferson County gospel singers and, most recently, members of the Pillars of Birmingham, reminisce…

Al Isaac, Oral History

Seoia, at board.jpg

A flashback to the 1950's New York City days of Jocko Henderson, Birmingham born and raised Al Isaac had a special connection with his RnB and Blues…

Ron January, Oral History

30. Ron January at WJLD - 1976.jpg

Ron January (b.March 13, 1953) As of the date of this post edit, Ron, is still on staff at (V94.9 FM-WATV 900) - where he has held almost every…

Reflections on Paul "Tall Paul" White by his nephew, Paul McGinest

Paul McGinest.jpg

What follows are three interviews with the youngest nephew of Announcer Paul "Tall Paul" White. His name is Paul McGinest and he is the youngest son…