Chronicling the History of Black Radio in Birmingham since the mid 1930's. Check back often as we digitize more of the collection and make it available online.

Recently Added Items

Blank Sales Contracts, WBUL

b6f21a - WBUL contract.jpg

"Ok we’re at folder 21 which are about 300 copies of radio station WBUL’s contracts, for sale contracts. They had been closed for quite some time but…

WJLD Personnel, Remembered by Freddie Waters

b6f20a - Freddy Waters recollections of WJLN 1970's.jpg

"This is folder 20, which is a list from… it looks like the list from Freddie Waters who was a listener to WJLD. Some of the people that he remembered…

Promotional Fans

b6f19a - Church fan with Rev W.A. Clark - 1972.jpg

"Moving along to folder 19, these are copies of two fans… didn’t we have this already? Ok, these are copies of both sides of fans that were put out by…