Chronicling the History of Black Radio in Birmingham since the mid 1930's. Check back often, as we digitize more of the collection and make it available online.

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Reflections on Paul "Tall Paul" White by his nephew, Paul McGinest

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What follows are three interviews with the youngest nephew of Announcer Paul "Tall Paul" White. His name is Paul McGinest and he is the youngest son…

Carolyn "Michelle" Shivers, Oral History

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Carolyn “Michelle” Shivers (b. Sept 21, 1954). Michelle was an on air personality and, for a time, Music Director, at WJLD in the late 1970's. In this…

Bobby Hayden, Oral History

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Bobby Hayden (b.May 28, 1937) Born in Huntsville, Alabama, Bobby was very active with the sports program at Alabama A&M and worked closely with Paul…