Chronicling the History of Black Radio in Birmingham since the mid 1930's. Check back often as we digitize more of the collection and make it available online.

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FCC Application, WENN

b5f41a - McClendon's explains necessity to expand FM hour - 1969.jpg

"This is folder 41 which are descriptions of WENN-AM and FM. Well, what they are actually proposing is to expand the hours of WENN FM with a very…

Correspondence, David Anderson to George Johnson III

b5f40a - Atty Anderson to Johnston-file reports - Dec 11, 1969.jpg

"Ok. we’re up to folder 40 which contains a letter from David Anderson rather, who was a… my guess is an attorney handling filings with the FCC. It…

WJLN Application to FCC

b5f39a - PSA announcing major changes to WJLN - July 17, 1969.jpg

"This is folder 39 from 1969 which has within it various applications to the FCC to make changes to the tower and to increase power from 23kw to 100kw…